Mission, goal and tasks - PFK - Faculty of Maritime Studies

Mission, goal and tasks

Professional education and training of the Higher Education personnel in maritime affairs, development of research and creation of scientific thought in seafaring. 

Mission of the Maritime Faculty Kotor 

Mission of the Maritime Faculty in Kotor, as educational and scientific unit is to apply contemporary methods of technique and education through its curriculum content and through research process and to educate young and high quality experts in domain of technical and social sciences (maritime domain), capable to encourage development of their country and region through their creative work in line with the latest European trends.  

Mission of the University of Montenegro

Mission of the University of Montenegro is to widen and spread knowledge, learning process and skills, while being open to cooperation with similar and other institutions and subjects from close and wider environment.

In order to pursue its mission, University of Montenegro will: 

  • Be oriented towards priority social needs of the time in which it is aiming for its mission;
  • Be open for all students and personnel, exclusively on the basis  of their merits and capabilities regardless of their political, religious and other orientations, or their racial, ethnic or social origin  or other differences;
  • Be dedicated to preservation and development of multicultural and multi-ethnic society in Montenegro, defining its development in direction of regional and wider perspective;
  • Offer a wide spectrum of study programmes in social, natural and technical sciences and arts, supported by efficient methods of training and transfer of professional knowledge and skills, as well as research in accordance with the latest level of academic and cultural development;
  • Develop permanent and continuing education;
  • Develop and promote scientific results in scientific domains along with accomplishments and creativity in domain of arts;
  • Be entrepreneurial in enhancing social and economic application of remarkable accomplishments from one’s specialty field;
  • Create encouraging environment so as to develop capabilities of the University staff, taking it as one of the key preconditions for successful fulfilment of the mission.  

Mission of the University of Montenegro is to widen, enhance and promote knowledge, skills and artistic affinities, cherishing difference as a precondition of more fulfilled and richer life, and cooperation with similar and other institutions and subjects from close or wider environment as one of preconditions for success of its implementation.

Goal of the Maritime Faculty Kotor

Education of the Higher education personnel in domain of shipping, development of research and creation of scientific thought in shipping

Tasks of Maritime Faculty Kotor

  • Developing interest for studies
  • Quality education of students on the programmes of basic, postgraduate and doctoral studies
  • Supplementing and professional improvement of the structure and content of the programme in line with the positive experience and modern practice 
  • Fostering learning through exchange of experience, study visits and mobility
  • Provision of conditions for modern books and literature with appropriate library and reading 
  • Provision of conditions for the use of modern information and communication technologies in work and education in light of organizing distance learning having in mind specificity of the maritime profession
  • Quality of final, specialist, master and PhD papers
  • Development of scientific and research thought 
  • Production of new teaching and scientific staff