Computer Centre - PFK - Faculty of Maritime Studies

Computer Centre

Maritime Faculty has a modern computer centre with up-to-date equipment. Apart from the academic network, the Computer centre has Internet via WiFi. 

Computer centre is equipped with 36 modern computers, two laser printers, scanner and a projector allowing our students to follow lectures not only on the computer subjects but also to perform their independent work and exercises likewise. Resources in the Computer centre are modernized in view of purchase of new computer equipment within Tempus project that lasted from December 2013 to November 2016. Computer centre is open every day. Timetable of lectures and exercises is posted on the website of the Maritime Faculty. Access is available to all students who are obliged to show index. Computer centre has one employee and that is Mrs Vera Kapetanović, a senior computer referent. 

Senior computer referent  

Vera Kapetanović, B.Eng

Tel: +38232303188, room 109